WIFI Vendo Machine in the Philippines

pisowifi machine

PISONET is a popular sachet-type business in the internet cafes in the Philippines, especially in low-income areas. The process in here is that you will drop one peso coin through the slot and you can already use the computer for 4 minutes.

After the PISONET, here comes the PISOWIFI. The latter is also a sachet-type internet business that may overtake the traditional PISONET business model because the PISOWIFI takes away the expensive computer stations and just gives internet access via WIFI.

The process of PISOWIFI is the same as PISONET, you just need to drop one peso through the slot and it comes out an access code that connects you to WIFI. As far as we know, PHP 1 gives you 6 minutes of WIFI. That time is enough when you are just checking your facebook, send message and etc. You can also drop as many coins as you want according to the time that you need. . This particular setup also eliminates the hardware cost of computers to take the PISONET system.