Who can donate eyes?

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Photo: Kuldip Singh (www.thephotographyimages.blogspot.in)

Who can donate eyes?

Eye donation is an act of charity that is useful to restore vision in the visually impaired people. Who can donate eyes is a common question of those who wish to donate their eyes.

Following people can donate their eyes:

  • Person of any age can donate their eyes
  • Diabetic patient can donate eyes
  • Asthmatic or Heart patient
  • Person with High Blood Pressure
  • Person with kidney disease
  • Person Wearing glasses
  • One who has got operated for cataract
  • One with optic nerve damage

It is also important to know that what is the correct procedure for eye donation and retrieval of the eye

Awareness and information may help to motivate more and more people to Pledge their eyes.

Image source: thephotographyimages.blogspot.in