Indonesian villagers ‘mistook sex toy for angel’

Indonesian villagersWhile fishing off the remote Banggai islands off Sulawesi in central Indonesia, a villager known as Pardin found the doll. The villagers thought they had found a fallen angel.

Pardin took the partially inflated doll to his home in Kalupapi village and treated the doll with great respect.

His mother gave the “fallen angel” a fresh new clothes and Muslim headscarf to wear every day.

The rumors rapidly spread so it prompted a police investigation.

When the detectives arrived in the remote island they have discovered that the “fallen angel” was just a doll, a sex toy.

Indonesian villagers thought they had been blessed by a fallen angel from the heaven when they found the doll on the beach – only to find out that it was just an inflatable sex toy

The encounter in March came a day after a solar eclipse swept across the area, a deeply spiritual experience in the world’s most populated Muslim-majority country. This led superstitious locals to believe the two events were linked

The police investigated and a villager known as Pramukarno said that the “fallen angel” was crying when she was discovered.

The problem is that Kalupapi is a remote island; the villagers have no internet so they do not know what a sex toy is.

After the investigation, the police officers confiscated the doll and took it to the local police station; a move they said was intended to stop false rumors from spreading.

This is not the first time that a sex toy has been mistaken for something else entirely.

Way back in 2012 a Chinese TV station reported a rare mushroom with chemical qualities had been discovered in a town during drilling for new well, only for viewers to find out that the object was just a sex toy for men.
Adult toys have also sparked police alerts in the past. Several years ago, police in China’s Shandong province launched a rescue operation to save what they believed was a woman drowning in a river, only to find out it was actually just an inflatable sex doll.