4 Health advantages of coffee

coffee health advantages
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Coffee Health Advantages

Coffee health advantages, Drinking a cup of coffee before going to work not only makes you alert however will rather more than that. A healthy adult can consume up to four cups of caffeine per day. while adolescents should consume no more than one cup a day. Let’s take a look at a number of the good reasons for drinking coffee:

1. Coffee and Diabetes
Coffee can reduce type two diabetes. a research has shown that drinking a cup of coffee daily reduces type two diabetes by 9% and drinking decaffeinated coffee reduces it by 6%. the reason being that coffee contains antioxidants, that helps to prevent tissue damage. excluding this, coffee has alternative helpful nutrients like magnesium and chromium, that controls blood sugar.

2. Coffee and Heart Disease
Another advantage from Coffee health advantages is it also reduces the possibilities of heart attacks and strokes. type two diabetes make heart attacks and strokes more frequent and by reducing the chance of type two diabetes coffee automatically reduces the possibilities of getting heart diseases. research has also shown that coffee reduces the frequency of heart attacks particularly in women.

3. Coffee and Parkinson’s
The chances of Parkinson’s disease, a disorder within the central nervous system that causes issues in movements, is additionally reduced in daily coffee drinkers. This disease starts very slowly with a tremor within the hand and then progresses to other parts.

4. Coffee and Cancer
Coffee health advantages having one more advantage to prevent the cancer. There are certain types of cancers as well that may be reduced by drinking coffee. Drinking coffee has strong advantages that may reduce liver cancer. coffee provides protection against cirrhosis of the liver as a result of which the probabilities of encountering liver cancer are also reduced. coffee also reduces the possibilities of getting oral and brain cancer.

Drinking coffee can be helpful for your health however if consumed in excess then it has its disadvantages also. coffee intake during pregnancy can be harmful especially if you drink more than two cups daily. the possibilities of miscarriage will increase with reducing fertility in women. coffee also leads to indigestion symptom and to an upset stomach particularly if consumed empty stomach. Excess caffeine intake also causes frequent headaches and sleep disorder. thus limit your caffeine intake and if necessary do take doctor’s recommendation on the quantity of caffeine that suits you best.