British foreign minister warns Brexit vote is ‘irreversible’

British foreign minister warns Brexit
Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond

British foreign minister warns Brexit vote is ‘irreversible’

British foreign minister warns Brexit and the nation could just rejoin the alliance on what might be unsatisfactory terms, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond cautioned on Monday.

“The message we are attempting to get crosswise over to the British individuals is this is an irreversible choice – in the event that they choose to leave, there will be no doing a reversal,” Hammond said as he landed for a meeting with his EU partners in Luxembourg.

He said any thought that a vote on Thursday for leaving the EU could be trailed by crisp arrangements with Brussels on another arrangement was a fantasy.

“England would never rejoin the EU at a later date aside from on terms that would be unsuitable – participation of the euro, enrollment of [the] Schengen (travel permit free zone) et cetera,” he said.

The latest supposition surveys show voters yet again swinging behind the stay camp after a solid appearing by Brexit supporters in the past two weeks.

Hammond said “the submission fight… is close battled. It will be a tight result in any case.”